orthopaedic implants are a medical device manufactured to replace a missing joint or bone or to support a damaged bone while ensuring its stability and proper anatomical position. The medical implant is mainly fabricated using stainless steel, LVM and titanium alloys for strength. Internal fixation is an operation in orthopaedics that involves the surgical implementation of implants for the purpose of repairing a bone.

Among the most common types of Orthopaedic implants are Bone Plates, Locking Plates, Bone Screws, Locking Screws, Interlocking Nails, intramedullary nails, External fixation, Spinal implants, Arthroscopic Implants, Wires & Pins, and Hip Prosthesis, etc.

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Best Orthopaedic Implants Manufacturers in India

Genius Ortho Private Limited is one of the Leading orthopaedic implant manufacturing company in the India. Having more than 12+ years of experience. We manufacture quality Orthopaedic Implants and Surgical Instruments with ISO, CE, FDA(India) approval We have a wide range of Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments.

Why Genius Ortho Private limited for orthopaedic implants?

Being leading manufacturer of orthopaedic implants manufacturer from India, we accept no compromise in quality, and we believe no surgeon or patient should have to accept any compromise in quality. Even though the cost may be less when buying from Genius, the quality of the product will be uncompromised.

Genius Ortho Private Limited is strives to build a solid working relationship with our customers. Therefore, we are committed to focusing on delivering superior quality, improving all of our operations and getting our various business units of the company working at optimal efficiency. Customer satisfaction is what drives our business and we are unyielding in our promise to meet your expectations in quality, delivery and performance.

We can also customise products as per your requirements.


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