Hip replacement is also known for “Arthroplasty”.

Arthroplasty is a reconstructive surgery to restore the joint motion and function and to relieve pain. It generally involves the replacement of bony joint structure by a prosthesis. It is the most common orthopaedic surgery. Hip replacement surgery can be performed: - Total replacement:- It consist of replacing both the acetabulum and the femoral head. Half (hemi) replacement:- It consist of replacing of only femoral head in general.

Selection of the prosthesis and fixation technique depends on patient’s bone structure, joint stability, and other individual characteristics, including age, weight, and activity level.

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Prosthesis are available at Genius Ortho Private Limited??

At Genius Ortho Private Limited private limited, wide range of prosthesis available such as Austin Moore prosthesis, (XL, Long Stem, Narrow Stem) Thompson Prosthesis, Bipolar Prosthesis, (Fenestrated & Non-Fenestrated), Shoulder prosthesis etc.

We can also customise products as per your requirements.


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