Trauma Implants is related to bone fractures. Mainly trauma implants are the products used in fixation of bone fractures. It mainly has following categories - Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Interlocking Nails, Pins & Wires, Hip Prosthesis, Spinal Implants and CMF Implants.

The main goal of orthopaedic implants is to secure the bone fragments in the anatomic position and to ensure the conditions for the bone healing process during the reparative and remodelling phases of the fracture healing.

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Restoring the stability and anatomic alignment of the fractured bone and avoiding damage to the adjacent soft tissue is another important goal of orthopaedic implants. Not any bone fracture requires surgery but fracture fixation with implants becomes increasingly common as it was proven that proper bone alignment and limb functionality are superior in case of surgical treatment with orthopaedic implants.

Trauma Implants are available at Genius Ortho Private Limited??

Genius Ortho Private Limited Private Limited Trauma Division is wide range of Non-locking plates and screw, locking plates and screws, interlocking nails and screws, external fixators of precisely manufactured and suitable for different bones of human anatomy following international standards to serve orthopaedic surgeons in different global location.

We can also customise products as per your requirements.


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